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Tecnitop S.A. has a technical advice and training department with extensive experience in the sector. Discover the wide range of IT solutions to successfully complete your topographic challenges.

We guide our clients to find the right software that adapts to the results they need; geomatic post-processing for topography, network calculations, terrestrial 3D scanners, drone flight planning, information management for low altitude aerial photogrammetry using RPAS or drones, data processing for inspection reports, among others.


Professional photogrammetry

Leica Geosystems

Intuitive topography


Civil engineering and surveying


Professional photogrammetry software

We rely on Pix4D, the leading Swiss academic photogrammetry software company and its software solutions to make it easier and more accurate for professionals to process their missions.

Approximately 60% of the company’s team is dedicated to research, development and innovation, constantly adding value to the world’s scientific knowledge. Pix4D will provide you with mapping and photogrammetry software tools with flight application and cloud platform, facilitating decision making as well as the generation of accurate 3D maps and models.

Professional mapping and photogrammetry software.

Leica Geosystems

Intuitive topography software

Tecnitop S.A. is an official distributor of Leica Geosystems since 2004. Our alliance ensures to provide the best personalised solutions, agile and in accordance with the expectations of each professional. 

Leica Geosystems offers a wide range of different software that intuitively connects measurement tools to ensure maximum productivity from data collection to final decision making

SmartWorx VIVA





Software técnico para topografía e ingeniería civil

Aplitop is a company specialising in the design and programming of technical surveying and civil engineering applications. They have developed a wide range of solutions for field surveying and stakeout, CAD projects, and special applications for point clouds, tunnelling and photogrammetry.

echnical applications in surveying and civil engineering.