Support and technical assistance when you need it

Tecnitop S.A. has a highly qualified and experienced technical support team in geomatics engineering and surveying. We guarantee that each customer receives support and technical assistance according to their specific needs.

Our support technicians will help you to resolve any incident with your instruments, so that you can return to work normally as soon as possible. They will advise you when your equipment needs repair and/or maintenance, so that you always get the best performance.

Our technical support covers not only surveying instruments, but also professional drones, software, payloads and all types of accessories.

In order to improve the level of attention to your Technical Support queries, we highlight even more the advantages of being a customer with a Maintenance Contract (CCP) in force:

  • Direct telephone and/or online support at no additional cost
  • Personalised and referential attention
  • Absolute priority in the resolution of incidents, including callback if your incident could not be dealt with in the first instance.
  • Software maintenance and updates (according to CCP modality).
  • Discounts on courses and training
  • Additional discounts on CCP’s when contracted together with other services.
  • Discounts on parts and labour (According to CCP category)

Any problems with your equipment?

Contact our Technical Support and get back to normal operation as soon as possible.