Each Tecnitop S.A. branch has a Technical Service staffed by highly qualified personnel who guarantee the repair, verification and control of a wide range of topographic instruments; optical levels and lasers, total stations and GNSS/GPS systems, as well as technical assistance in after-sales services and technical support.

We have a quality system composed of different processes and procedures that allow us to certify measurements and have traceability to national or foreign standards. In addition, we issue verification and control certificates for each piece of equipment checked at our facilities.

Tecnitop S.A., as well as being the only Authorised senseFly Official Distributor in Spain, Italy and Portugal, has the only senseFly Authorised Technical Service in these areas. It is directed to the revisions, flight tests and checks of senseFly fixed wing devices.

We also offer different solutions of warranty extensions for each drone, with the aim of always having your professional equipment ready. We also offer training, support and technical assistance for Parrot and Flyability drones, companies of which we are also Official Distributors in Spain.

  • We repair and overhaul all types of accessories such as: tripods, poles, batteries, leveling bases, etc., we also perform firmware, software and hardware upgrades.
  • Our customers can benefit from maintenance contracts for their machinery, obtaining important advantages.
  • We also have special rates for the replacement of equipment during the repair period.