Professional sectors

There are many professional sectors in which we can apply our experience and knowledge to guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time. Consult our different options.

Precision agriculture

Crop inspection and analysis, facilitating decision making, drone and software technology at the farmer’s service.


Cadastral documentation with drones, detection of undeclared land modifications, improvements or extensions to properties.

Forestry and environment

Control and management of forest stands, prevention and control of forest fires, detection and control of forest pests, forest inventory.

Minas and quarries

Optimise management with accurate geospatial information, calculate volumes, topographical surveys, optimise traffic management, road layout design.


Search and rescue, site survey, private security, digitisation of accident scenes.

Topography and Cartography

Specialists in Leica Geosystems products, aerial surveying with drones, greater efficiency and precision in every project, verification and control of equipment, service and technical support.