3D Laser Scanner

Leica Geosystems

Your best ally in surveying – when it has to be right

Tecnitop S.A. has been an official distributor of Leica Geosystems since 2004. Our alliance ensures that we provide the best personalised solutions, agile and in line with the expectations of each professional.

At Tecnitop S.A. we are highly specialised in three-dimensional registration systems applied to different sectors, such as industry, engineering and heritage. The diversity of the topographic techniques used together with the types of Leica Geosystems 3D scanners and the different software on offer means that, on many occasions, the solution provided must be combined and developed for each type of specific job.

The diversity in the surveying techniques used together with the Leica Geosystems 3D scanner types and the different software offerings means that, in many cases, the solution provided must be combined and customised for each specific type of work. 

We rely on Leica Geosystems as a supplier to provide you with the best 3D scanning tools with which to carry out your projects. Discover in our Surveying Online Shop a wide range of 3D laser scanners that can suit your needs; the RTC 360, the P30/40 and P50; and the BLK range, with the most cutting-edge scanners on the market, BLK360, BLK2GO, BLKARC and BLK2FLY.